Simple Autumn Home Styling Tips

Welcome the new season by adding some autumnal beauty into your home. It’s the perfect time to adapt and update your space for the long wintery nights ahead. Autumn is all about staying in and feeling cosy and warm, so why not include some of these easy styling tips to to create the perfect retreat….

Introducing Parker Knoll’s Collection 150

Parker Knoll celebrated its 150th anniversary with the introduction of Collection 150. Drawing on the recently restored Frederick Parker archive, Collection 150 has been inspired by the 1920s and 1930s. It combines Art Deco influences with a contemporary aesthetic (which is very on trend right now) with two new sofa collections: Hoxton and Wycombe, alongside…

Buying A New Bed

“The purchase of a bed should be viewed as a investment in your well being.”

Interior Trends 2019

Eco-Friendly This year David Attenborough “Blue Planet 2”  and “Planet Earth 2”  have highlighted the importance of the effect our existence have on our planet. From plastic in our oceans, global warming, palm oil production and deforestation… The list goes on! I believe 2019 many more people will make more eco-friendly choices when it comes…

Thinking of redecorating? Read this before you start.

Consider Your Homes Personality Before we begin scrolling Pinterest for new interior trends, take a good look at the space you already have. If you have wooden beams, expose them, if you have an old brick fireplace, bay windows or panelling, keep it. Try and retain as much of your homes beautiful authenticity and work…