Interior Trend Predictions 2022

Well, it doesn’t feel like a year ago we wrote interior trend predictions for 2021, it has gone so quickly! Our homes and gardens have continued to be an integral part of our day to day lives. Whether you’ve worked, isolated or ended up having to have your summer holiday in your garden this year, I’m sure most of us have improved our living spaces to adapt to our new (ish) normal in some way.

It has been another testing year for us and the furniture retail industry with lockdowns, delivery delays, stock shortages and continual price increases. But the continued support and understanding from our customers and community has been amazing, so thank you!

Without further ado here are our 2022 Interior Trend Predictions. Enjoy!

Colourful Kitchens

One of our favourite predictions for 2022 is the colourful kitchen trend. This trend is so inclusive of everyone’s personal style, whether you prefer a more traditional, retro or modern style kitchen there are so many more colour options available. Also the colour, size, shape and texture of tiles you can buy these days means you can add even more personality to the heart of your home.


The interiors industry is taking inspiration from beauty and fashion and falling in love with curves at last! Homewares and furniture designers are steering away from right angles and straight lines to more feminine curves and soft bends. Our Verso range from Ercol, Arianne Love sofa from Fama and our Delta barrel topped table from Bontempi all incorporate curves into their design.

Also our new home accessories (pictured above) brand Present Time offers a selection of curvy statement pieces, our personal favourite being the model torso vase!

Ombre Walls

Texture has been a popular trend for a couple of years and last year we saw plaster pink walls become an instagram must-have! This year we are noticing a move away from your typical one colour painted wall. Many people in lockdown had the opportunity to experiment and this trend has beautiful results. However if you don’t fancy giving it a go yourself, then there are plenty of wallpapers available to give you the desired effect.

Blue is the new Black

Earlier this year, Dulux named ‘Bright Skies,’ a light and airy blue, as its Colour of the Year 2022. A shade promoting tranquility and restfulness, making it the perfect choice for a bedroom, as well as offering a fresh and airy base palette in a kitchen or bathroom.

Dulux Colour Of The Year

A Return to Retro

70’s inspired/mid century modern isnt a new concept but it’s been said that in 2022 it will have a resurgence. When we think of retro we think dark woods, sunshine yellows, luxe greens, warm oranges, statement patterns and funky lighting. According to Etsy’s 2021 report on home decor trends searches for mushroom lamps have ballooned by 371 percent.

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