Summer Sleep Edit

If summer 2021 is anything like last year then we are in for a scorcher! We are based in Bognor Regis and have more hours of sunshine than the rest of the UK. But with beautiful long summer days comes the restless sticky summer nights. We have put together some tips on ways that can help you fall asleep quickly and prepare you to stay cool at night this summer.

Check your duvet TOG.

Check your duvet label to see what TOG your duvet is. The higher the TOG the warmer the duvet. The scale ranges from 1 – 18 in the UK. It is not uncommon for people to have two different duvet a summer & winter one at different TOGs. We would suggest from own ranges the Fine Bedding Company 4.5 TOG Synthetic Spundown Duvet. Great for anybody with allergies as the filling is completely man-made but it is also very lightweight and machine washable.

View our full range of duvets here.

Check Your Mattress

How old is your mattress? What is it made from? Some older memory foam mattresses are criticised for holding in the heat, nowadays the technology has improved that allows air to circulate more freely in memory foam mattresses.

Mammoth Beds are made from Medical Grade Foam derived from their healthcare origins. Not only do they offer perfect spinal alignment but unlike memory foam, which requires body heat to soften,  Medical Grade Foam is not temperature sensitive and provides a cool, dry and comfortable sleeping surface.

Mammoth Shine Plus

If you prefer a spring based mattress then why not try a Hypnos. Its advanced spring system promotes breathability along with the all the natural fillings such as wool, cotton and mohair.

Hypnos Dolce

Choose Cotton Sheets and Bedding

Satin, polyester or silk sheets aren’t very good for keeping you cool. You are better off opting for light coloured, 200-300 thread count 100% cotton sheets which will be lightweight and will promote ventilation and air flow throughout your bedroom. This also applies to Pyjamas – opt for cotton!

At Reynolds we have lots of ranges perfect for keeping you as cool as possible while being stylish too – like the Joules Swanton range pictured above.

Get the SNOW Mattress Protector

I thought I would save this one for last, if some of the others seem like too much of a big investment or commitment for a summer that might not last long (don’t forget hormonal changes or even side effects of medication can cause overheating at night-time during the winter too) then I urge you to get the new SNOW mattress protector.

The SNOW from Protect-A-Bed features Nordic Chill Fibre which instantaneously reduces your surface temperature allowing you to sleep cooler and more comfortably. The SNOW is waterproof and comes with a 15 year guarantee, dust mite barrier, allergen barrier and added comfort layer. It really is cold to the touch – if you don’t believe me we have samples in store for you to try.


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