How to Create the Perfect Gallery Wall

Everyone loves a gallery wall. They are a great way of filling up a large space and showing off your art without having to spend a lot of money. They can be as fun or as formal as you like.

Images Source: Left to right,, @carlaelliman

The first thing to think about is where it’s going to go? The amount of space will impact the size of pieces you buy. (Tip: If you have a high ceiling and large walls small pieces can get lost so opt for hanging larger items)

Gallery walls in the foyer, hallway or staircase make a really great first impression. (Tip: on a staircase maintain the same distance between the floor and the artwork) But a gallery wall can pretty much go anywhere you like, above a sofa, on a large wall, the possibilities are endless.

Image Source: (left) (right)

You can either go for a symmetrical approach to your gallery wall or an asymmetrical one.

If you are after a uniform symmetrical look then the grid pattern works best. For it to work well you will need to use identical frames and keep a consistent distance between them. Black and white mounted photography looks stunning in this type of placement. (Tip: The centre of your gallery wall should be eye level)

Image source: (Left to right),,

The asymmetrical approach is a really relaxed and fun. The frames and prints don’t have to match, you can choose different styles of art and different size and material frames. You can even add in hooks or mirrors. However, this method does take a lot more time to plan and similarly to all other placements consistency is key, try and keep the distance the same. (Tip: Before you start lay out your art on the floor, once you are happy use painters tape and a level to map out your wall, this will save you lots of time if you need to change your design)

I also have to recommend command hanging strips for any style of gallery wall. They are so easy to use and if you do make a mistakes or decide to change your gallery wall later on there is no damage to your walls at all!

If you don’t want to hang any art on the wall another popular way is displaying your prints on a shelf. Layering images along a shelf means no damage to your walls and offers the versatility to change your design and also include vases and plants or other decorative accessories.

Image Source: Left to right,, @kellyscozyhome

We have a huge selection of already framed art and prints in store which work well together or would work lovely alongside more personal pieces. Visit us to see our full collection.

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