Buying A New Bed

“The purchase of a bed should be viewed

as an investment in your well being”

says Aaron our Bed Manager. Aaron has 30 years experience selling beds and has worked for Reynolds for nearly 20 years.

A quality bed will aid restful sleep, improve health and aid recovery. A good bed can be the difference between waking up relaxed and revitalised ready to start the day or waking up tired and irritable before the day has even begun.

orthocare 10 hypnos
Hypnos Orthocare 8

We recommend that you change your bed every 8-12 years and the best way to make your mattress last is to invest in a good quality mattress protector. It will prolong the life of the mattress and prevent any moisture damaging or staining it.

We have over 30 beds on display for you try out. From brands such as Hypnos, Sealy, Mammoth, Kaymed, Harrison and Sweet Dreams. The beds are clearly laid out in groups in a relaxing, unobtrusive environment and will suit a variety of budgets.

View our entire collection on our website here.

681371_Alvescot [HR]

Different types of beds have specific qualities that appeal to different people. The choice can be overwhelming, this is why a visit to our showroom would be useful. Aaron will be able to guide you through the different options available and help you find your ideal bed.

“The majoirty of customers won’t have brought a bed for 10 or more years, during that time there has been a number of product innovations.”

Types of mattresses include the more traditional types with natural fillings and now also include more modern technology such as memory foam, latex and advanced fillings like gel.  What’s good for one customer may not be good for another which is why we always advise customers to visit the showroom and test out different types to try and find the one most suitable for them.


Mammoth Shine

Along with a mattress protector it is important to consider getting new pillows and duvet covers. Its disgusting to think about, but a third of your pillows weight is dead skin and saliva after only a few years of everyday use. We have a huge variety you can take around with you while your trying to find the perfect bed.

And finally we also sell bed linen. And if you buy a bed from us all linen is 10% off the ticket price*. We stock all sizes from some of the biggest brands such as Cath Kidston, Joules, Sanderson and Harlequin.

“We spend so much time in bed, the right one can make all the difference.”

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