How to Hygge Your Home

Hygge pronounced Hoo-ga loosely translated means comfort, togetherness and well-being. In 2018’s happiness report Finland was rated the best country in the world for happy residents.Closely followed by Norway, Denmark & Iceland. So why are those living in Scandinavian countries so happy?

In Meik Wiking’s book “The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Art to Happy Living” he describes the effect our physical surrounding has on our happiness. Here are the 10 things he says will make your home more hygellig.


No Candles, No Hygge! Nothing screams coziness more than lighting your favourite candle or using an oil burner to fill your home with gorgeous smells. However lighting isn’t just about candles. The Scandinavians are obsessed with lighting in general and place lamps strategically to create pools of light, to them it is an art form, a science and an industry. The rule of thumb is: lower the temperature of the light is, the more hygge.

Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 10.10.11
ROM Aura


Blankets & Cushions

It also wouldn’t be hygge without blankets and cushions, especially during the cold winter months. Snuggling up under a blanket, even if it’s not cold makes you feel cosy. And sharing that blanket with the ones you love brings you together. We have lots of blankets, throws and cushions in the shop come in and see us to find your perfect home accessories.


Things Made Out Of Wood.

Just like the concept of hygge wood makes us feel closer to nature, its simple and natural.  Luckily, unlike some European countries which prefer a more modern home with elements such as glass and ceramic, natural wood furniture is still a very popular choice in the UK. So its likely a lot of your furniture is already made from wood! We have LOTS of wooden furniture, and most of it comes in many colour options. Take a look at our website to see more.

1_021 maz
Anais Bedroom Range



Wood isn’t enough, you need to bring in other outdoor elements into your home. Indoor plants are a great start, twigs, fresh flowers, animal skins, my kids love collecting pinecones and every Autumn we arrange them on our fireplace (along with some ugly pumpkins we get from Slindon). Any piece of nature you find will get the hygge seal of approval.

G Plan Turner Leather


A nice teapot, a vase on the mantelpiece, your favourite mug you always want to drink out of all contribute to the hygge experience. Kählers is one of the most iconic nordic ceramic designers, which I have fallen in love with, if you want to have a look at their beautiful designs for yourself follow the link.


Hygge interiors aren’t all about how things look but how things feel. I spoke about using texture on a previous blog “Thinking of redecorating..”. Using different materials in your interiors such as open weave linen, soft crushed velvet, large cable knit throws, fluffy pillows, distressed leather, reclaimed wood and sheepskin rugs. Are not only aesthetically pleasing but also tactile and create interest by stimulating peoples sense of touch.

A Fireplace

The most important reason for a fireplace in a Danish home is for hygge, followed by it being a cheap heating alternative. Resting after a long day by an open fire experiencing ultimate feelings of warmth and cosiness. It’s also somewhere you can spend time with your close ones to intensify your feelings of togetherness.

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 11.48.31
Alexander & James Hoxton Chair


There is something lovely about running your fingers along the spine of many books sitting on a shelf. Taking a break with a good book is the corner stone in the concept of hygge. The genre doesn’t matter as long as its something you enjoy and something that takes you away from the stresses of the real world.



Vintage is a big deal in Danish homes. Not just the style but the history, narrative and nostalgia means the objects are more than just their physical properties, they hold emotional value.

A Hyggekrog

Last but not least, a place to incorporate everything you have read so far – a hyggekrog. A hyggekrog loosely translates into a “nook” – a comfy space in a room where you can snuggle up with a good book, a blanket and a nice cup of tea. A bay window with a seat would be ideal, allowing you feel close to nature by looking outside but from the comfort of a cosy warm nook. However it doesn’t have to be, you can make any dedicated relaxing space into your own personal hyggekrog.

Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 11.10.34




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  1. sheger1 says:

    I’ve read the book and loved it! My husband and I are on our journey to living more hygge as well. Loved your post.


    1. Hi, thank you for your comment! It’s a great little book, I always go back to it!


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