Thinking of redecorating? Read this before you start.

Consider Your Homes Personality

Before we begin scrolling Pinterest for new interior trends, take a good look at the space you already have. If you have wooden beams, expose them, if you have an old brick fireplace, bay windows or panelling, keep it. Try and retain as much of your homes beautiful authenticity and work on building in your fresh new look around it.

Look At The Bigger Picture

Start the design process by taking a holistic approach and look at the bigger picture. Ask yourself how does this new room work with the rest of the house to create a welcome variety? Whether its a signature colour, wood or simply a style (scandi, mid-century modern, boutique, vintage etc) try and carry it through every room of the house.

2661_2823_3776 edelstahloptik
Vanjakob Macao Range

The Importance of Lighting

How much natural lighting does this room have? Lighting is so important when thinking of colour schemes and how the room will transition from day to night. Natural lighting shows off colours better and adds to the rooms visuals by bouncing off reflective surfaces.

Rom Cadini - Montana - Angora
ROM – Cadini Range

Don’t Sacrifice Comfort

There needs to be a balance between comfort and style and budget of course! Just because something looks good in a picture, doesn’t mean its going to be comfy, always try before you buy. Also don’t skimp on the big things you are going to spend lots of time in. The sofa, the bed and dining chairs are all worth spending a little bit more on so they last and are comfortable.

The Meghan comes with 100% fibre filled cushions.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Things Up

Mixing colours, prints and furniture can look really stunning if its done well. There is a bit of an art to layering prints and patterns and its all to do with depth and dimension. One of the main rules is they have to have things in common either colour or attitude. Its also important to break the contrasting areas up with something slightly more neutral. For example keep the upholstery plain but add different patterned scatter cushions, curtains and then a bright coloured accent chair or footstool that picks out a colour from the cushions ties everything together.

Use Textures to Make Neutrals Interesting.

If bold and bright isn’t for you then include textures into your neutral tones to make it interesting. Why not try using  different materials in your interiors such as open weave linen, soft crushed velvet, large cable knit throws, fluffy pillows, distressed leather, reclaimed wood and sheepskin rugs.  The different textures are not only aesthetically pleasing but also tactile and create interest by stimulating peoples sense of touch.

48005_Casual Cotton Diamond Cameo 3
Bianca Casual Cotton Diamond Duvet Set

Styling Should Always Come Last.

Styling your new room should always come last. Try and do it bit by bit, as you start to live in your newly decorated space it begins to adapt to your lifestyle. Don’t rush into buying accessories, add candles. throws, clocks, art, vases as you go along. Meaning you won’t regret any impulse buys you make to “just to fill the space”. It also makes the excitement continue on long after the hard decorating work is over.

If your thinking of redecorating try and consider all of these things and most importantly have fun. Another point I’d like to make, being in the furniture retail business is that most furniture (from us anyway) is made to order so delivery can take anywhere from 6 – 12 weeks the perfect amount of time for you to get the room ready.

We are also flooring stockists with a huge selection of carpets, vinyls and luxury vinyl tiles so we can help you to complete your look. If you need any help or design tips then contact us.

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