Sits – A New Level of Comfort


Reynolds are now proud suppliers of Sits. You can find it on the ground floor of our new and improved showroom.

At only 25 years old Sits experience with developing, designing and producing upholstered furniture has taken Europe by storm. Its timeless designs, great range of products which are made to the highest quality and the companies strong ambition to continue their development means it’s a brand we are excited to work with. What sold it for us was the level of comfort and quality which is what we know our customers value the most.

Family and sensibility – STELLA is proof that a piece of furniture being at the centre of family life can look light and charming.

stella 3

The size of the STELLA component’s can be customised as well as the extensive collection of fabric helps you to create furniture which perfectly suits your space and needs. A cosy corner is a spacious component providing exceptional space for you and your family.


BRANDON is the UK’s number one seller and we can see why. A combination of comfort and simplicity gives this sofa a modern yet welcoming aesthetic.


The simple shape of BRANDON is the starting point – depending on the area of your room and your needs, you can choose the basic model that will serve as a comfortable and elegant piece of furniture.

brandon 4

Similarly to the other ranges the Quattro collection has many design arrangements. The arm rest is designed as a convenient shelf.  You can add-on headrests for those who want the low back modern look but don’t want to compromise on neck support.


Due to the bespoke format of your very own SITS sofa we are unable to sell this product through our website. If you would like a no obligation quote please visit our store or contact us.




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