5 Grey Bedroom Ideas with Kindred

So as you have probably noticed grey is one of the biggest interiors style shifts in recent history. We love it – its nice to finally have a new neutral that isn’t cream or beige. Although its stereotyped as an industrial colour, grey can work for everyones individual style. Along with our new bedroom furniture supplier Kindred, we are going to show you 5 ways on how grey can work in your bedroom.

Chapter Partridge Grey WITH GRADE (1)
Kindred Chapter Partridge Grey
  1. Grey is soft and feminine, styled with blush in a shaker style with oak tops makes the perfect ladies country bedroom escape.
Esker Anthracite WITH GRADE (13)
Kindred Esker Anthracite

2. Grey is cosy and warm. Bring in some outdoor elements such as brick and wood to give your bedroom that cosy traditional vibe. If you want to utilise the space either side of your fireplace Kindred has bespoke sizes.

Parity Gloss Dove Grey WITH GRADE (6)
Kindred Parity Gloss Dove Grey

3. Sometimes white can be quite bright (not to mention shows up every single mark) especially when wanting to have a fully robed wall to make the most of your space. Grey however is subtle and clean especially when selected in a matt finish.

Sculpt Anthracite 001 (6)
Kindred Sculpt Anthracite

4.  Grey is masculine. It looks stunning and manly with dark woods and leathers. Add in some chrome accessories and you can create the perfect laid back industrial look.

Origin Partridge Grey - Kids WITH GRADE (4)
Kindred Origin Partridge Grey

5. Grey is fun! Although it can be perceived as a dull colour – pair it up with any statement bright colour and it looks great.  I love this kids bedroom, the beauty of it is as they grow up you can always change the handles and change the den into a desk like the image below.

Origin Partridge Grey Office WITH GRADE (3)
Kindred Origin Grey Office

Kindred obviously do a multiple choice of colour finishes from glossy cashmere to soft porcelain. Visit our showroom to see our specially made display and see all the option for yourself.


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