Introducing… Elvis

The ElvisWe made it you named it!

Thank you to Andrea over on our Instagram for suggesting the name Elvis. Although Mr Presley sang about “Blue Suede Shoes” not a blue velvet sofa, we feel its a name that stands out, is memorable and of course pays tribute to the legend himself.

We loved all of your suggestions -“Sofa McSofaFace” from Doug on Facebook was a strong contender. Along with Peacock from Clare, Princess Meghan from Louise, Prince Harry from Penni, The Del Rey from Megan (Lana Del Rey’s song Blue Velvet) and the Bumblebee from Jay! Thank you everyone for taking part, we like having a bit of fun sometimes.

We are still waiting for the sofa to arrive – we will let you know once its on our website.

Thank you again x



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