2018 Interior Style Predictions

Unlike fashion which is updated seasonally, interior trends move a lot slower. Last year I thought terracotta would become very popular but grey, millennial pink and indoor greenery trends have continued to gain momentum. This is only a bit of fun,  maybe 2018 is the year terracotta and beige make a comeback!

I think its safe to say that grey will continue to be the colour of choice in upholstery and leather in 2018, as they say “grey is the new beige”. I think people will begin to shy away from the minimal trend of grey by going for slightly earthier, warmer tones to put with it.

I can also see Teal or deep Turquoise becoming popular in 2018, the rich blue-green tone looks stunning with mustard yellow and with copper. If you’ve only just began to accessorize with Rose Gold, I’m sorry to say it’s on its way out. Copper is coming back in and I think we will see lots more Gold too. I also wouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing mother of pearl being used more, especially tiles in bathrooms and kitchens.

Oak has been so popular for such a long time, I just can’t get excited about the traditional oak look anymore, its starting to look dated. This year we have seen more of an interest in darker woods such as walnut and an interest in lighter woods such as ash or light oak. So in 2018 it could go either way. I think we will also see more painted oak – the beauty of it is you can see the grain through the paint.

Furniture tech is just going to become more advanced. ROM sofas have their own app which saves up to 5 seating positions, they have already introduced a massage feature available on their chairs and next year who knows maybe a chair that know if you’ve fallen asleep in it, gentle covers you with a blanket! That would be a dream.

Venjakob also introduced a while ago a self extending table which opens on its own effortlessly. It’s currently only available on certain ranges. Wouldn’t it be amazing if they created a table which cleared the plates and did all the washing up by itself? The possibilities are ENDLESS!

Happy New Year x




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