5 Ways To Use Your Spare Room

Spare rooms can often become unused or turn into a dumping ground for random things that don’t have another home. Whether you’ve recently upgraded to a larger house or your children have recently flown the nest, we have 5 different ways you can make the most out of your spare room.

Dressing Room

If you are one of those people who clothes are overflowing and your shoe collection seems to multiply, then why not create a walk in wardrobe. Disselkamp have multiple wardrobe sizes and options, giving you the semi fitted look. Different heights are available and the option of outside lights. They use their own highly qualified and experienced fitters to deliver and assemble the furniture in your home.

cesan disslekamp
Disselkamp Wardrobe

If you or your partner prefer a lay in, the separate room to dress in means your won’t wake each other up in the morning with the hairdryer.

Home Office

Whether you work from home or would just enjoy browsing online in peace then why not turn your spare room into a home office. Remember you may need to install more plug sockets so you can successfully set up all your electronics. We love the Cheltenham Office Collection, especially the Dinghy Bookcase.

Cotswold Office-001
Cheltenham Office Collection

Home Cinema

Ever had to sit through a film or TV programme your husband wanted to watch and you end up spending the entire time either reading your book or on your phone? How about creating a dedicated cinema room, put a couple of electric recliner chairs in there, a large TV screen or projector – you could even add a mini fridge and a popcorn machine!

Albero by VENJAKOB in Colorado Walnut

The Albero TV unit has integrated LED lighting and set back plinths to give the illusion it is floating. The unit comes with holes to be able to hide all the wires down the back and the additional storage underneath is perfect for storing all your DVD’s and controllers.

Reading Room

For those of you who love to read, why not create a cosy reading room. Line the walls with books, add some good lighting and a nice big snuggler chair.

HyperFocal: 0
Hoxton Snuggler Chair – Alexander & James

Guest Room

Whether its your turn to host the family Christmas or you have family and friends from all over the world who want to visit, creating a guest room and being the host should be satisfying not stressful.

One of our top tips is to create a room which your guests can instantly relax in, keep the colours neutral and the accessories simple.

Hypnos Headboard

It is also worth investing in a new mattress – we recommend the Oxford Pocket Supreme Platform Top with Two Drawers  not only is the price very competitive prices start at £299*, but the quality ensures your guests will have a great nights sleep. Plus the additional storage!

Read all our advice on Creating the Perfect Guest Room here.

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