150th Celebration Sale

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Those of you who have brought from us know that a couple of times a year we host sale preview days. For our 150th Anniversary on the 6th September 2017 we wanted to create a celebration a little bit different as not many independently run businesses can boast reaching the 150 year milestone!  The main reason for our longevity is our loyal customers who without them we couldn’t of survived, recessions, wars, the internet and so on. So to celebrate we invited all of our customers to not only shop the sale early but to enjoy a drink or two, canapés and live music in store throughout the day.

During the day Simply Delcious served a mixture of sweet and savoury canapés which were delicious – I tried my best to resist the mini cheesecakes but failed dramatically! George’s Coastline jazz band played from late morning until after lunch and customers and staff alike all said how lovely the atmosphere was. In the evening The Rat Pack and Sax duo made us all laugh with their witty banter and cheesy jokes. They also got everybody dancing, although I think the prosecco was partly to blame.

Head over to our Facebook page to see some video footage of the day here.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 12.12.47Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 12.13.53

We created a mini museum to showcase some of the firm’s history, displaying adverts, brochures, photographs, a handcart used in the 1930’s along with a cabinet and sofa dating back to a similar era.If you are interested in learning more about the firms history a copy of the booklet we created on the day is now available online just follow the link here.


Overall we hope that everyone who came enjoyed themselves, its nice to do something different and it was really lovely seeing lots of familiar faces, old and new customers come and support us on the day. Not to mention all the furniture representatives who continually support us some of which have been calling on the store for over 30 years. A final thank you to the great team we have at Reynolds all your hard work and loyalty is deeply appreciated.


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