New Rustic & Industrial Style Ranges

Reclaimed wood and industrial styled furniture is everywhere, from coffee shops to studio apartments its one of the most popular trends which doesn’t show much sign of slowing down. Wood is durable and repurposeful. The feel good factor is knowing that using reclaimed wood is an ecologically responsible styling choice that helps preserve our natural dwindling resources.

Loft Lifestyle
London Bedroom

The London bedroom range is made from 100% Authentic reclaimed and recycled wood, every piece is made by hand from reclaimed materials. Every blemish and tonal variation adds value to this product making each one, one of a kind, without affecting the structural integrity. The quirky design of the products uses different coloured panels, which on the wardrobe and the bed are both placed vertical and horizontal, aesthetically breaking up the product so it catches the eye. A purchase in this product confirms an appreciation for the natural beauty and character of wood, no two pieces will be the same. It is also true that reclaimed wood will typically be stronger and more durable than new timber. Products in the range prices range from £69 – £669 meaning its also affordable to be respectful of our planet.

Manchester dining
Manchester Dining

The Manchester, which I should mention isn’t reclaimed wood,  made from Acacia wood which is well known for its durability and water resistant qualities – which gives the product a distressed look. The grey stained Acacia

wood is patched together in thin panels and surrounded by a dark metal frame with matching bar handles. The price is also very competitive, the Small Dining Table which comfortably fits four chairs is only £335. One of my favourite products from the range is the very stylish Ladder Shelf Unit which is only £355 and the Wine Cabinet which is £359 (shown below). This range is the perfect one for you if you love the modern industrial style but A) don’t want to spend hours wondering around markets or car boots looking for a unique find or B) spending a small fortune, like lots of industrial style pieces seem to go for online.

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 10.46.07.pngScreen Shot 2017-08-18 at 10.46.19.png

Both the London & the Manchester are in stock and available for immediate delivery.

All information used in this blog are correct at time of publishing 18/8/2017 please see our website for updated prices and stocking levels.

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