Alexander & James

Alexander & James are lovers of the humble couch, with a quirky country twist. Their sofa’s are made to order with materials sourced from all over the world, their leathers have character and age beautifully and all the wood used comes from sustainable forests. Comfort is A&J’s designs team number one priority, the seats are especially soft and perfect for snuggling up in, made from mixing foam and fibre. But what I love the most is their ability to mix patterns with plains, leathers, earthy wools or soft velvets to create a product which is not only comfortable but aesthetically fits exactly who the brand is.

The Bloomsbury is the kind of sofa you can imagine snuggling up in and watching a film with the family, we have the Grand split scatter back sofa on display in store which is the largest size available.  If your not a fan of scatter backs you can order the sofa in a pillow back which comes with two scatters. The romantic rolled and studded arms are available in different leather options with a choice of two types of studs. The main body also has different fabric options. The scatter back comes in a choice of three pillow pack options of green shades (showed in the image below), burnt sienna shades and finally the last one has soft lavender shades.

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The Eden has a selection of limited edition fabrics featuring bold boho prints and soft velvets. The inside of the arm is quilted and like all A&J ranges has a choice of either Dark Wood or Weathered Oak feet and two stud options. What I personally love about the Eden is the “Boheme” print (on the footstool in the picture) which colours blend in perfectly with the gorgeous fringed scatters offering an eclectic and stunning mix. In store we have one sofa in leather and one in yellow velvet on display see it here.

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My first instinct when we unpacked the Hoxton was to dive onto it, don’t ask me why but theres something about it that invites you in. So thats exactly what I did and I wasn’t disappointed. Its another one of A&J’s ranges that does what the brand does best and provides a luxurious feel and the kind of sofa you instantly can relax in, the leather used is really soft which just adds to that overall feeling of comfort. It also has the option of a chaise for extra lounging.

A&J also have a collection of accent chairs available we have the Sofia, Jude and Imogen. Once again you choose from any of the beautiful fabrics or leathers to cover the chairs. Our display is at the back on the ground floor, come in and see (or throw yourself on) the ranges to experience the brand for yourself.

Jude chair
Jude Chair
Sofi chair
Sofia Chair


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